B Side at House of Blues

Celebrate the flipside at B Side!

A nice mix of what House of Blues is known for, live music and concerts...B Side lounge becomes a harmonious mix of a truly intimate great live music concert vibe alongside an equally unparalleled culinary experience. B Side at House of Blues celebrates the flipside of something great; that can be awesome on its own...like a secondary recording; we honor the bonus to a memorable night out with this new culinary and sound concept. Our extensive gastrolounge fare and cocktail menu reflects a dedication to the classic aesthetics of the space and revered vinyl anachronism that it praises; which often times contained something never before heard...and we aim to continue this time-tested tradition. It's the B Side to House of Blues - a little edgier, a little rowdier, a little more fun!



Mandalay Bay

Walking Directions

From Front Desk

Walk past guest elevators to the casino floor and take a right onto the casino floor. Follow pathway to Starlight Tattoo and take a left. B-Side at House of Blues will be on the right.

From Parking Garage

Enter the doorways from the garage area and walk straight on cobblestone walkway. Take a left at the casino floor and follow pathway straight. B-Side at House of Blues will be on the right.